Friday, October 18, 2019

Elijah Cummings Will Be Missed

Elijah Cummings died October 17, 2019
Everyday the media brings people into our homes and lives that we would never have the opportunity to meet in person—politicians, celebrities, news reporters, performers. Sometimes we come to like what they have to say and even feel as if they are part of our lives. Such was the case with Elijah Cummings, whose voice—always firm, steady, and reasoned—was instantly recognizable. I always perked up when I heard his voice on the news, anxious to listen to what he had to say. No matter the issue—and he worked on and fought for many during his more than twenty years in Congress—his focus was on dispelling corruption, dishonesty, and social inequality. He was a man of honor and dignity. He will be missed, and I will miss hearing that voice—that instantly recognizable voice.